A Word From Our Team

" I washed the feet of a man who was living at CASS while also working in construction. He told me that he couldn't remember the last time he was given a fresh pair of socks, and that he had to wash his feet in the bathroom whenever he could. He told me that he had just become a grandpa, and that his new socks would take him to New Mexico to be with his family." - Michaela Ingersoll, Unit Leader for bak•pak

"I met a woman who told me that she dreamed of becoming a truck driver. She said if she was able to drive a semi, she could sleep in it and would never feel homeless. She told me it was her first day at CASS and she was scared. She began to cry. We hugged, and I told her that she was strong and could accomplish anything. She left my feet cleaning station with hope in her eyes." - Michaela Ingersoll, Unit Leader for bak•pak

"Recounting on the last event, my heart felt so full. At our first event, I washed the feet of an older gentleman. He talked about his past and how he used to box. I related to him saying that I boxed as well. We shook hands, our palms touching and our handshake in a vice grip. He said my grip was strong for a young lady. At our second event, I had the pleasure to see this man again. We shook hands and he said, 'it is so nice to see you again.'" - Casey Hubbard, Chief of Staff for bak•pak