In collaboration with both the monOrchid and Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS), bak·pak will launch its very first plan of action; the Honor. Empower. Advocate. Lead. (HEAL) Initiative: 12 Months of Giving. Started on August 1st, bak·pak began its initiative by raising donated goods and hosting monthly events.* The first event occurred August 27th, and focused on dispersing socks to the homeless. In addition, these monthly events will be spent conversing with those experiencing homelessness, sharing donated goods and available resource information, and connecting the community with our cause.

In an effort to ultimately reintegrate those experiencing homelessness back into society, bak·pak will continue its initiative in August of 2017 by launching a 10-week program designed to connect our “bak·pakers” with jobs. This program will include training and counseling for those actively seeking employment, behavioral health intervention, opportunities to obtain essential goods, and many other exciting opportunities.


We would like to use our resources and time as an organization to work with local businesses and residents to help alleviate homelessness in downtown Phoenix. Through partnering with local businesses and established organizations, bak·pak, the I have a name project , and Shade, would like to start by hosting an event once a month.* Initially we will provide basic goods such as water bottles, food, and basic supplies all while taking the time to connect with those experiencing homelessness. Additionally, monthly meetings will be organized to continue and improve community outreach with those experiencing homeless.